Disk Replication




Digital Cinema

Providing digital cinema releasing services including mastering and distribution from our locally placed facilities.

We provide our clients with worldwide scale coupled with locally managed and delivered services. Our services are delivered to the highest standards with support services, in local language, twenty four hour, for cinema exhibition. G2D is your ideal partner no matter the location, scope or size of the release.

G2D’s services, workflows and tools have been built to simplify cinema releasing for our clients, making it easy to work with G2D. Our proven systems have been stress tested, reliably delivering the largest day and date releases worldwide and by local in country distributors covering a small number of sites. As standard provide:

  • Exhibitor portal and helpdesk – supporting the cinema to ensure content is screened

KDM management Digital Cinema Services for features, trailers, advertising  and shorts including:

Mastering for Feature

  • JPEG2000 encoding and DCP encryption and packaging
  • 2K, 4K, 2D, 3D, High Frame Rate (HFR)
  • Creation and insertion of logos, certificates and titles
  • Full local versioning services (both dubbing and subtitling)
  • Creation of proxy media reference (e.g. QuickTime)
  • Client QC at local facility

International Versioning

  •  Full subtitling services including downstream masters
  •  3D Subtitle mapping, rendering and compositing
  •  Audio editing
  •  Dubbing
  •  Mixing

Distribution Service

  • Drive replication and distribution to all cinema
  • Electronic distribution using high speed internet FTP networks

For electronic distribution G2D provides the complete service including transmission management and backup to ensure that content is delivered and available for screening, every time.




Digital Cinema

Mastering For Feature, Disk Replication

Key management, Trailers

Film Service

35mm Color Negative Processing.

35mm Release Printing

Digital Image

Digital Dailies, Scanning, Conforming, Color Grading, Visual Effects, Record to Film, DI Subtitling.

Digital Restoration

Dirt and Dust Removal, Vertical Scratch Removal, Grain Reduction ,Aperture Correction, Splice Damage Repair Frame By Frame



We provide the highest level of sound Mixing and design, original music composition services for the movies, TV shows, commercials and interactive titles.

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